D A P H N E   V A N   D E   V E L D E

Daphne van de Velde graduated from ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten and the Fotoacademie Amsterdam (cum laude).She is a multimedia artist, adding further dimensionality to the experience and transcending the limitations of the photographic medium.

With her body, she explores the border as a transition zone between the internal and the external, photography paper and printed fabrics function as a substitute for skin; the skin that meets, touches, physically reacts, protects and isolates. Van de Velde experiments with the flat surface of her photographs, manipulating them to construct fragile ruin-like photo sculptures, resisting the superficial body; a self-imposed prison of voids. The works fluctuate between figuration and abstraction.

She wants to visualize how we increasingly use our skin to prevent the intimate from coming out, or to prevent the other from coming in. Vulnerable physical reactions become hidden under polished screen layers. In her work, she wants to make these physical reactions visible and palpable again.
Making the skin physically tangible, the body’s border with the outside world and the other can be described as the visual language of her work. How do we deal with our containment of ‘self’?

The ongoing project OF ME AND YOU visualizes boundary experiences of intimacy, the vulnerable, tender body and its desire and longing. Through her work, she tries to understand intimacy, it remains elusive because it is so tearing, we want to both merge and disconnect at the same time.

A fight or an act of love, in her work it is therefore never quite clear what the body is involved in.