D A P H N E   V A N   D E   V E L D E


Daphne van de Velde is a multimedia artist who transcends the limitations of the photographic medium. She studied at the ArtEZ University of the Arts and the Fotoacademie Amsterdam where she graduated cum laude.

Making the skin physically palpable, the body’s border with the outside world and the other can be described as the visual language of her work. She explores the longing for contact in a world where people increasingly live in their own space. More and more, we use the skin to avoid revealing the intimate, or to prevent the other from intruding. How do we deal with our containment of ‘self’?

With her body, she explores the border as a transition zone between the internal and the external. Photography paper functions as a substitute for skin; the skin that meets, touches, physically reacts, protects and isolates. She experiments with the flat surface of her photograph, manipulating it to construct a fragile ruin-like photosculpture.

The ongoing project OF ME AND YOU visualizes boundary experiences of intimacy and the vulnerable, tender body and its desire and longing. Through her work, she tries to understand intimacy. It remains elusive because it is so tearing, we want to both merge and disconnect at the same time. All that is required to move from indifference to love is the courage to have our hearts broken.

A fight or an act of love, in her work it is therefore never quite clear what the body is involved in.



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