D A P H N E   V A N   D E   V E L D E


My work engages with perceptions of the body in the digital age, questioning how to conceptualize corporeality through the flat screens that have become the default way of engaging with one another. Do we still need the body? In this dynamic world, which gives us just one glance moment to make an impression, there is a great temptation to focus all our attention on the surface.


I explore the border as a transition zone between the internal and the external, using the skin as a metaphor. The body becomes an image and the image becomes the body. Photography paper functions as a substitute for skin, the skin that meets, physically reacts, protects and isolates. I distort the flat surface of the photograph, manipulating it to produce a fragile, ruin-like sculpture, resisting the superficial body: a self-imposed controlled prison of voids.


My work blends photography, video and installation, allowing the beholder to view the images both from different angles and in time, adding further dimensionality to the experience and transcending the limitations of the photographic medium.


I studied dance and architecture at the Academy of Architecture in Arnhem. I continued my education at the ArtEZ University of the Arts and the Fotoacademie Amsterdam where I graduated (cum Laude) with installations and photography.