D A P H N E   V A N   D E   V E L D E


The fleeting nature of life, in which we are given no more than one glance, demands a superficial processing of information.
In my work I explore the body as a metaphor in a time when everything can be manipulated.
How do you shape yourself in the midst of a universal mould that forces itself upon you everywhere as the norm and standard? We have become as thin as our screens; it is the era of empty shells.

The skin is the border, the transition zone between the internal and external world.
The skin that meets, physically reacts, protects and isolates.
By experimenting with different media and distorting the flat surface of the photo, the body becomes image and the image becomes body.
I manipulate until a fragile, ruin-like sculpture emerges, resisting the superficial body; a self-imposed prison of voids.


I studied dance and architecture at the Academy of Architecture in Arnhem. I continued my education at the Fotoacademie Amsterdam and the ArtEZ University of the Arts where I graduated with installations and photography. My work is commissioned by theatre and dance companies and I teach photography at several creative institutions.