D A P H N E   V A N   D E   V E L D E


The work is about the makeable body in today’s reality. We have become as thin as our screen. How do you shape yourself in the midst of a universal mould that forces itself upon you everywhere, as the norm and standard? Superficial processing of information is part of our time. The Era of Empty Shells.

I explore the border as a transition zone between the inside and the outside using the skin as a metaphor. The skin which meets, physically reacts, protects and isolates. The body becomes image and the image becomes body. I distort the flat surface of the photo, manipulating it until a fragile, ruin-like sculpture emerges; a prison of voids.


I studied dance and architecture at the Academy of Architecture in Arnhem. I continued my education at the Fotoacademie Amsterdam and the ArtEZ University of the Arts where I graduated with installations and photography. My work is commissioned by theatre and dance companies and I teach photography at several creative institutions.